AngelSpeak is a celebration of the power of the spirit.

A spiritual balance and vibrant dynamism emerges in David Jean's art—growing out of his Chinese, African, Cherokee Indian, and Dutch heritage as well as his grounding in the present day. David Jean is inspired and sustained by guardian angels. His rich canvases evoke that spiritual connection, drawing the viewer into the transformative relationship. But, it doesn't stop there!

Since spiritual energy can neither be created nor destroyed, David Jean uses AngelSpeak to keep the spiral moving... touching people and nurturing hope, promoting world peace and harmony. An artist who has supported his family and made a career of painting, David Jean knows how to start with the basics and reach out to people, especially young people, the emerging spirits of our world.

AngelSpeak grew out of an idea, an aspiration held by David Jean and long-time friend Valerie Brennan, to bring people together through art, and promote art as a communication medium. As a visual medium, art crosses barriers of language. As a spiritual medium, art crosses barriers of faith. As a universal medium, art crosses barriers of culture. It allows for paths to cross and lives to be transformed in extraordinary ways.

AngelSpeak Publications Inc. stocks limited and open edition signed reproductions of the works of David Jean and other artists. The prints are available framed or wholesale. Commissioned work and original pieces of art and sculpture are also available and can be viewed at our Masterpiece Gallery located at 2158 Queen Street East in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The gallery is open Weekends — 12:00 noon - 5:00 pm and closed weekdays, except by appointment — please call 416-691-1717.

Reframing services are available, and we can create customized greeting cards and reproduce personal collection pieces.

Reproduction options include:

  • Photographic
  • Lithographic
  • Giclee on Paper or Canvas
  • Prints on Archival paper

AngelSpeak strives to achieve universal harmony and peace
by fostering appreciation of art.

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