Spirit of the Dance and Native Series

David Jeanís works often relate to our Canadian heritage, environment, and social fabric. They honour and recognize other cultural leaders who foster the Canadian spirits of goodwill. Angelspeak is currently publishing David Jeanís recent series of paintings depicting Native Dancers, images of great significance to the spiritual heritage of our indigenous people.
In this series celebrating the evocative and ancient tradition of the North American Native Dancer, David Jean has drawn from his own spiritual and ancestral connection. Working from both an intuitive and acquired knowledge, David has produced powerful and dramatic images that speak of the profound respect and understanding for our planet and our being that represents the true Native culture.
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Authentic Native Spirit Drums

Item# 250

The Spirit Drum masterpieces were created by fine artist David Jean to pay tribute to our inner animal spirit. These authentic hand painted Native Spirit Drums are available in several different images.
The oil paint is permanently saturated into the skin of the drum which allows them to be fully utilized. The sides of the drum are decorated with beads and feathers. Buckskin covered drumsticks are included.
Choose from the following spirit images for your drum:
White Buffalo, Eagle, Wolf, Turtle, Bear, Raven, Hawk, Crow

One of a kind originals - Signed and Titled
Oil paint on skin of drum

Sizes and Price:
20" Diameter; 5" Depth: $495
24" Diameter; 5" Depth: $595
28" Diameter; 5" Depth: $695

Also available, a 24" drum titled "Sitting Bull". Includes hand made drum stick and decorated with coyote fur: $650

Buffalo, Eagle, Turtle
Bear Crow Sitting Bull
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Cosmic Warrior

Item# 202

This painting, one of the artist's early attempts to convey the power and spirit of the Dance. The dramatic colour is reminiscent of the wonder of the aurora borealis on a cold winter night. A powerful warrior is depicted against the black sky to represent the Northern Door.

Image Size: 24.5" x 31.5"
Limited Edition Lithographic Print - Signed & Framed
Style 1 = $795, Style 2 = $1095, Style 3 = $1195
(See frame legend).
Original Available: Oil on Canvas, Framed (36" x 48"): Price - Please Enquire

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Rain Dancer

Item# 201

The second in a series of Native North American dancers, this painting by David Jean challenges the viewer to connect with the powerful emotion incited by the Dance. The Rain Dancer is passionately wrapped in the fiery colours as he steps from his cocoon.

Image Size: 24.5" x 31.5"
Limited Edition Lithographic Print - Signed & Framed
Style 1 = $795, Style 2 = $1095, Style 3 = $1195
(See frame legend).

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Item# 205

Teacher, Prophet, Healer, All Things to the Native People.

This painting is a truly wonderous example of the ancient and evocative tradition of the North American Native Dance.
As the Shaman dances, he invokes the spirit of the animal world, partners in nature...
The Wolf, known for its prowess,
The Bear, for its strength,
The Hawk, for vision,
The Buffalo, a symbol of abundance,
The Great Eagle, for respect,
and the Crow in his hair is a messenger, a connection to the spirit world.
On his chest the turtle in the dream-catcher signifies longevity - he is the centre of all things.

Notice how the artist brings life & movement to the canvas through his use of brilliant colour and a combination of abstract and real imagery. In a dim light, the whites of the dream-catcher and the feathers of the Shaman's head-dress actually glow with energy.

Framed Size: 41" x 53.5"
Limited Edition Lithographic Print - Signed & Framed
Style 1 = $995, Style 2 = $1275, Style 3 = $1395
(See frame legend).
Original Available: Oil on Canvas, Framed (46" x 60"): Price - Please Enquire

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Shawl Dancer

Item# 203

Similar to the "Spirit Dancer" this is one of a series of Native Dancers. David was inspired through his native heritage to attend Native Pow-Wows in the past. He was exhilarated by the dancers' deep spirituality. He attempts to capture the spirit and movement of the dance in his series, and has had a great response from the Native community across Canada and the U.S. Observe his unique combination of realism and abstract form. He avoids graphic depictions, and creates movement through rhythm of the brush.

Image Size: 24.5" x 31.5"
Limited Edition Lithographic Print - Signed & Framed
Style 1 = $795, Style 2 = $1095, Style 3 = $1195
(See frame legend).

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Dance of the Seasons

Item# 207

Dance of the Seasons is a painting alive with vivid colour and motion! A most recent addition to David Jean's series of "Native Dancers", this depiction honours our place in the cycle of life.

Each Dancer represents a season, winter, spring, summer, and fall.
The year begins in winter, hiding and resting the seeds of life. The strong and silent blues and white of the winter dancer give way to the awakening spring colours. Notice the pale green leaves. The dancers evolve into summer's brilliant hues and lively emotion, and then into the rich and calm autumn shades. Observe how the expressions of the Dancers' faces parallel the seasons of life. The sleepy winter face giving way to the youthful springtime image, and then the emotional provocative summer dancer, evolving into the more aged, wise-looking face of autumn.

This profound imagery is a fine example of the talented hand of David Jean.

Framed Size: 38.5 " x 54.5"
Limited Edition Lithographic Print - Signed & Framed
Style 1 = $995, Style 2 = $1275, Style 3 = $1395
(See frame legend).

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Spirit Dancer

Item# 208

The heartbeat of the dancer becomes one with the beat of the drums. He moves in a trance-like state inviting the spirits of the pow-wow dance.

Image Size: 24.5" x 31.5"
Limited Edition Lithographic Print - Signed & Framed
Style 1 = $795, Style 2 = $1095, Style 3 = $1195
(See frame legend).

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The Storyteller

Item# 209

In this piece David Jean once again conveys his message of hope for the planet. The weeping faces of the children in the background symbolize hope for the prosperity of the planet and all its peoples. The native warrior in the foreground is the storyteller, offering the spirit of life water droplet to the children of the future. The warrior passes on the knowledge and wisdom of the elders in hope that future generations will preserve their environment and make the world a better place.

Image Size: 20" x 24"
Lithographic Open Edition Print - Signed & Framed

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The Rescue

Item# 210

In this imagery placed in a prairie farm field, a Native Child discovers the warm glow of compassion as she rescues the appreciative kitten from the canvas sack. Under a foreboding sky the artist's rainbow signifies hope, and the sun breaks through the clouds casting a gentle light on the scene. This harmony of light and dark is typical of many of the rich "oil-on-canvas" works of David Jean whose creative genius often conveys the fine balance between good & evil.

Framed Size: 23" x 27"
Photographic Print - Signed and Framed.

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The Mission

Item# 212

Known in early times as a safe haven, brought to the American southwest by the Spanish clerics, Missions (or churches) were often the key first buildings in small towns throughout North America. Our indigenous people became immersed in the teachings of Christianity.

Here the artist, whose heritage includes Cherokee, African, Chinese and Dutch, adeptly conveys the spiritual connection of the tiny Native messenger in harmony with his angel guide. The spirit of his ancestor seemingly escapes through the mighty doors as the child peeks in.

The artist provokes the questions...
What is the child seeking? Did he bring the eagle feather to the Mission, or has the feather landed as a symbol of protection from his grandmother? Each and every child is a bundle of innocence and wisdom, an amalgamation of the spirit of our forefathers, and a powerful new voice in the quest for knowledge and kindred spirit that is shared by all of humanity. The water drop represents the spirit of life, the eagle feathers, respect for our heritage; David Jean has captured once again the stirring emotion and peaceful harmony that has been present throughout his painting carreer.

Framed Size: 33" x 40"
Lithographic Print - Signed & Framed

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