Patriotic Series

A Patriot, as defined in dictionary terms, is "one who truly and judiciously loves his fatherland". This series expresses David Jeanís commitment to patriotism at a global level.
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Oh Say, Can You See...

Item# 1010

This image was first created by David Jean back in 1992
(9 years prior to the events of Sept. 11th) with a view to commemorate the freedoms that we North Americans enjoy and to encourage preservation of our environment and our heritage.

The painting is truly prophetic in nature, and as such, we incorporated it into the Memorial for Vigil in America prepared for the first fundraiser held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on November 12, 2001.

Shortly after the disaster, it became apparent that virtually every detail of the painting was reminiscent of the images bombarding our psyches daily after Sept. 11th.

Look at the following...

  • The broken and parched earth at the bottom, similar to the rubble at the World Trade Centre.
  • The monoliths in the painting look like the Twin Towers.
  • The Eagle, symbol of aviation in the U.S. is flying through the monoliths.
  • The statues of "Liberty" and "Iwojima" which represent Freedom and Democracy are shadowed in the painting as if clouded by a smoky haze or threat.
  • The Children, black, white, and native, are depicted in a hopeful stance holding the globe as if their future is in jeopardy.
  • Most riveting and conspicuously prophetic is the blue light shooting upward from the base of the monolith - reminiscent of the blue light placed at the site of the World Trade Centre.
  • The American Flag is emblazoned in brilliant colour over the rubble, just as it was raised gloriously over the disaster site in September 2001. The Search & Rescue forces who courageously offered their assistance, and sometimes their lives to help dig through the disaster site are truly reflected in the soldiers of the statue of Iwojima.
  • Finally, David Jean's symbolic water droplet, the essence of life and spirit, sits precariously over the rubble, alluding to our power of survival. Several thousand people survived this monstrous event.
Canada's people of Gander, Newfoundland welcomed thousands more victims, stranded air travellers who were diverted from the US airports, and made them feel at home for days after the disaster. David Jean and Valerie Brennan were in attendance on Sept. 11, 2001 at a meeting with members of Toronto's Waterfront Redevelopment Committee discussing what contribution we could make to the betterment and rebuilding of our city, a juxtaposition to the destructive forces rendered that day.

Free Posters of "Oh Say, Can you See..." go to any Fire and Police Stations who request them. Shipping Charges only.

Image Size: 21.5" x 24"
Paper Size: 26.5" x 30"
Unframed (framing available upon request)
Original Available: Oil on Canvas, Framed (36" x 40"): Price - Please Enquire

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The Journey

Item# 1031

The shadows of past warriors cast on the ground in the forefront of this painting belies the innocence of the rider as he gazes out at the hopeful rainbowed sky. The eagle, symbol of liberty, delivering the life-giving droplet of water, gleans across his thoughts. What is a patriot? What is freedom?

Image Size: 16" x 21"
Open Edition Lithographic Print - Signed & Framed

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