Renaissance and Baroque

If ever there was an example to support the validity of reincarnation, David Jeanís Renaissance painting series could challenge even the greatest skeptics. Hauntingly beautiful, he has captured the ambience and style of the period while imbuing the images with his own unique perspective and energy. Although each painting has an individual description, there is a potent mythical theme that prevails throughout the series. Whether you resonate to the above theory or not, the incredible craftsmanship, skill and absolute wonder of these paintings will draw you back to another place in time.
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Adoration of the Magi

Item# 354

Another finished, unfinished Da Vinci and is also the only known completed work existing of this image.

Print available.

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Battle of Anghiari

Item# 353

Leonardo Da Vinci was commissioned by the Medici to produce this work on the Uffizi Wall in Florence. It was never completed. Some fifty years later, Peter Paul Rubens was commissioned to complete the work. Rubens created only a pencil drawing of the Battle. In 1995, Angus Carroll of Ohio, U.S.A. commissioned David Jean to complee the Battle in "oil on canvas". This 6' x 4' format is the only known completed work.

Image Size: 17" x 23"
Framed Size: 24" x 31"
Photographic Print - Signed & Framed.

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Madonna of the Chair

Item# 904

David Jean rendition of a Leonardo da Vinci

Framed Size: 36" x 36"
Oil on Canvas Original - Framed.

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Golden Fleece

Item# 360

Commissioned by Valerie Brennan, of Toronto, the artist painted this oil-on-canvas work in a 3' x 4' format from a thumbnail black & white drawing of a painting by Herbert James Draper, depicting the Greek Mythology excursion of Jason & the Argonauts.

Image Size: 24" x 30"
Limited Edition Lithographic, signed and numbered.

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Item# 910

Framed Size: 32" x 44"
Oil on Canvas Original - Framed.
$7500  • SOLD

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